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Ukraine in the UK:

British Centre of Language Education and Further Advancement


Записуйся на безкоштовну англійську!!!!!

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Вивчати англійську безкоштовно
Speaking Club

Щотижневий ромовний клуб англійсьуою безкоштовно. Перевіть свої знаая.


Пройти тест на рівень англійської

Перевірь свій рівень англійської мови безкоштовно


Поради по адаптації та перекваліфікації за кордоном

Безкоштовна допомога з працевлаштуванням, поради для складання резюме, подан7ня на роботу, написання листа характеристики та перекваліфікації у Великобританії.

We strive to:

We wholeheartedly stand by our fellow Ukrainians, extending our unwavering support in their quest to secure visas and ensure their safety in an English-speaking country. We are dedicated to guiding them through the intricate journey of mastering the English language, helping them in reshaping their careers and pursuing education, and providing steadfast assistance in conquering academic English exams within the United Kingdom.

Moreover, we are fervently committed to the preservation of our rich cultural heritage, epitomized by our enthusiastic initiation of a Ukrainian weekend school for our beloved children.

In unity, we forge an unbreakable bond. We are not just partners, but a passionate and resilient family in the heart of the United Kingdom, ready to face any challenge that comes our way.

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Valentina Dovzhynska

Thank you very much for your help in getting a visa for me and my family. I had several criteria for choosing a company. first and foremost was the price. The lowest prices on the market, fast service, and professionalism. I recommend!

Violeta Mazur

"I believe that studying with you is an investment in my own future. I really like studying with you, because you make language learning exciting and interesting. Studying with you is always fun and relevant!

Since you work in England, the teachers teach living British language, and not book language like teachers from Ukraine who have no language practice. I don't want to learn American words or slang that I don't need.  We train daily necessary situations that I can then practice, for example: now I can freely talk to my neighbor, at the store, at the doctor, at school with my children's teachers."

Oksana Naida

I am very glad that you are starting a Ukrainian cultural school for the weekend. I want to enroll my children there, in my opinion, they will find many friends there and will feel better here in a new country. It is quite difficult for them to get used to everything new. Ukrainian weekend school is a piece of Ukraine in a foreign country. Thank you for that.

Andriy Koval

 You provide incredible support and the opportunity to grow and develop, thanks to studying English with you, I got my dream job where communication is a key requirement."

Natalia Dubrovska

When I came to the first lesson, my goal was to pass IELTS in 4 months and it seemed unreal to me. Spoiler, in June this year I got my desired 7 points and now I am studying at one of the best universities in Great Britain in Manchester. 
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